A Fountain of Praise

Worship and prayer are at the heart of HT, with a desire to be a fountain of praise at the centre of the city. Just as Cambridge disproportionately excels, influences and leads, the HT Worship team aspire to become a city that is disproportionately full of the praise of God!


Forerunners into His Presence

The worship team’s calling is to be the forerunners into God’s Presence week in, week out on Sundays and at mid-week events.


Encounter and Release

HT Worship seeks to encounter God, train up worshippers and help release the church to worship God wholeheartedly.

Serving on the worship team

HT is always looking for new people who are called to the Worship team. If you are a gifted musician, a singer, or want to know more about getting involved in running the visual projection or sound desk, we would love to hear from you.