Building the world-wide church

At HT, the call to be part of God's world-wide church is taken seriously, as is Jesus' great commission to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28). As a church we give a proportion of our income to help the work of missionaries and Mission Agencies across the world as well as here in the UK. We also look to encourage people to see if God is calling them to the mission field and help them as they explore that calling.


Holy Trinity Church has a wonderful history of pioneering world mission. The most famous vicar of Holy Trinity, Charles Simeon, had a deep concern for Missions. He was one of the founders of the Church Missionary Society in 1799, and raised up several missionaries.

One of Simeon's curates was Henry Martyn, after whom the hall adjacent to the Church is named. He was a brilliant linguist and in under five years as a missionary in India he had translated the New Testament into Urdu and Persian, and supervised its translation into Arabic. He died in Armenia in 1812, aged only 31. Martyn has encouraged many future missionaries through his translations of the Scriptures, inspiring life and work and stimulating scholarship.

Mission Funding

Every year in September HT decides where to allocate major missions funding. Please look at the links below if you are going on mission and would like to apply for support, or if you would like to recommend projects for HT to support. The deadline for applications each year is 30 September. Please email applications to the office.

HT mission partners

International Mission Partners

HT supports individuals and organisations through the Mission fund, including those listed here. Please be praying for them and for their work:

HT Mission Logos.jpg

Tim Jenkins with OMF - OMF Christian mission agency work to serve the church and share the Gospel with the peoples of East Asia.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators - supporting the work of Rebekah Overton, a member of HT, who is working in Tanzania to help translate the Bible into local languages, especially Simbiti and Kabwa.

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Chris and Suzy Wilson with Church Mission Society - Chris and Suzy along with their two children moved to Ethiopia in the summer of 2016 to work with displaced Sudanese communities where they are involved in the provision of theological training to local church leaders. They are writing a blog about their experiences in Ethiopia, which is both interesting and challenging.

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The Jubilee Centre, Zambia -  A Zambian Christian NGO working to empower churches, communities, and leaders to grow spiritually, flourish physically, and have a voice in the world. Teams from HT have gone out to the Jubilee Centre for many years and have grown from these experiences.

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Margaret Saunderson with Latin Link - Margaret is church planting in Lima, Peru, helping lead people to Christ and become disciples of Jesus.

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Open Doors - Open Doors is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide by supplying Bibles, leadership training, literacy programmes, livelihood support and advocacy services.

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Grain of Wheat, Romania - An international Christian organisation with a mission to reach out to forgotten children and show them God's love by running training programmes for children’s workers for local churches.

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Tearfund - calls for us to follow Jesus where the need is greatest, working to end poverty and rebuild poor communities around the world.

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Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda - A community hospital run by the Church of Uganda, which cares for everyone who needs medical treatment regardless of their ability to pay


UK focussed Mission Partners

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Jenny Hunter with Friends International - Helping the UK church engage with and support the international student community.

HT Mission Logos17.jpg

Link House seeks to be a home from home for international post-graduate students, providing comfortable, affordable accommodation and support in Cambridge.

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Soul Survivor Church in Watford is very close to our heart. Their work, support and friendship have greatly blessed HT over many years.

HT Mission Logos12.jpg

Thirst is an innovative cafe-style church plant based in a school in the Mill Road area of Cambridge which seeks to bring God to the unchurched through friendship and hospitality.

HT Mission Logos13.jpg

Cambridge Food Bank works with the community to provide emergency food and toiletries to local people in crisis.

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Cambridge Besom is a social action charity, providing opportunities for those who want to give their time, skills and things to invest in their local community.

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Wintercomfort - a Cambridge based charity which provides services to rough sleepers to help them into housing and employment.

HT Mission Logos16.jpg

Cambridge Church Planting team: a group of 7 former students (Dom, Hannah, Becky, Emily, James, Jonathan and Stephen) have moved to Manchester to be part of planting a church within the Antioch network in the Diocese of Manchester. The church plant is based in Cheetham Hill and aims to reach the diverse, transient and poor neighbourhoods in the surrounding area.