Media & Comms Request

Filling in the form below is a great way for you to hone your purpose, ideas and content for media and comms material, and hopefully make it easier for you to get your vision across.

The form is designed to help clarify your planning and pin down your ideas before handing them over, so that the whole process is more efficient and successful in fulfilling your brief. Some fields won’t always be applicable, but filling in as much as possible would be of great value. You can find examples below in some of the boxes.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:

Please note that media and comms requests need to be submitted at least 2 weeks before the materials are required in order to schedule work flow.

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This is the email address you wish to appear on the material, the default is office@.
Set the scene. What is the context of this project? Why is this event or project happening?
Who specifically is the target audience for this project/event?
What do you want to achieve? What needs to be communicated? What are the desired outcomes? How do you want people to respond?
What is required? What needs to be produced? List specifics where applicable eg. artwork sizes where known.
Media Channels
Please indicate which media channels you'd ideally want using to promote this project/event.
Other, please specify:
Please outline the desired look and feel of the project/event.
How do you want to sound in communicating this event/project?
What absolutely must be on there? Website, logo, contact name?
Are there any key deadlines or milestones? Please note that deadlines can be no less than 2 weeks from the request date and are subject to approval and agreement on scope of work.
Eg. Do any of your requests need external printing?
Has your budget (if applicable) been approved by the appropriate person?