ChurchSuite is an app that enables those who have signed up to see what’s going on in the life of the church, sign up to events, check rotas, set up and amend giving and much more. Here at HT we use ChurchSuite for our database, and My ChurchSuite is a way of great way of keeping up to date with what’s coming up and how you can get involved during the week, as well as on Sundays. All of our event sign ups are done through ChurchSuite so it’s a great tool to help you become connected into the life of HT.

Already have a ChurchSuite account? Login here:

Signing up to ChurchSuite

Step one:

Download the App

First step is to download the ChurchSuite app from the App Store of Google Play then you will need to sign up to ChurchSuite by following the quick and easy steps below.


Step Two:

Signing up

Before you can create your My ChurchSuite account, you will need to complete the get connected form below.

On the form please submit as much or as little personal data as you feel comfortable sharing. Your details won’t be shared with anyone, they are just to help the staff team if we need to contact you.

If you would rather do this on a Sunday, please head to the welcome desk after the service and fill out a welcome card.


Step Three:


Once you have completed the Connect Form, one of the team will add your details onto ChurchSuite and you will then be sent an invitation email.

Click on the link in the email to register

HT ChurchSuite_iMac_Home.jpg

Step four:

Logging in

If you are logging in on a computer:

  • Visit:

  • Search: “HT Cambridge” (the name should pop up when you start typing)

  • Click on the name to access HT Cambridge.

  • Enter your full email address and password to login - make sure you have selected “My ChurchSuite” from the options.

When you login to ChurchSuite on the app you will need to select the church. Type HT Cambridge and the name should appear. Click on HT Cambridge and then enter you full email address and password to login.

Using My ChurchSuite

ChurchSuite is the ideal way to stay connected to one another and up to date with everything that’s going on in the life of HT. Through My ChurchSuite you can update and manage your personal data and those of your children, sign-up for events, keep on top of rotas you’re serving on and much more.


Here you will see and edit the details you entered into your connect form and our stored on the ChurchSuite database. You can also do this under the ‘My Details’ section.

My Communication

Here you will be able to see any emails which have been sent to your email address that you signed up to My ChurchSuite with.

My Details

Here you will see and edit the details you entered into your connect form and our stored on the ChurchSuite database. You can also set a new password, edit your privacy settings and choose how HT can communicate with you.

My Children

If you have any children you can add and edit their details here much like you can under ‘My Details’.

My Events

See upcoming events in the church calendar as well as any events you have signed up for from My ChurchSuite. If sign-up is enabled for an event it will have a tick in a circle beside it and you can then sign up.

My Giving

Here you can set up donations, pledges and manage your gift aid declarations.

My Podcast

Missed a Sunday service or want to listen to a talk again? You can catch up on any of the sermons from Sunday services through the ‘My Podcast’ section.

Got Questions or need help?

If you have any questions getting to grips with My ChurchSuite or need help downloading and setting up your account feel free to ask at the welcome desk after any of the Sunday services.