The Caleb Course

on 3 October 2018 at Holy Trinity Church, Market Street, CB2 3NZ

The Caleb Course

The Caleb Course

Discipleship // Leadership 2018

Starting Oct 3 | Applications close Sept 1

Jesus calls his disciples to follow him and bear fruit for him.

Rupert Charkham (Vicar) writes “Of the many things that have helped me to grow as a Christian, I think joining a discipleship course has had the most lasting impact. Up until then even though I was keen and very committed my faith was actually rather rootless. Thanks to excellent Biblical teaching and discussions in small groups week by week, gradually a reliable foundation took shape and I gained some of the tools and essential skills necessary to really grow and mature. Many years later I wrote The Caleb Course which has a similar goal in mind to equip others to follow Christ fruitfully. HT is committed to investing in discipleship training as we know from experience that our fruitfulness and potential increases with focus, encouragement,
fellowship and training. The Caleb course provides this and more.”

Named after Caleb the inspiring character who appears in Numbers and elsewhere, this Course is designed to equip followers of Jesus to live life to the full for Christ. Caleb’s passion, vigour, attitude and anointing mark him out… “Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly” (Num 14:24). This is the seventh time the Caleb course has run at HT. It has always been huge fun and greatly appreciated by participants.

Coming on the course involves a significant time commitment. Intentionally the bar is set high and before committing think about it carefully as a precondition attending every week, (barring illness or unforeseen eventualities.) Continuity and commitment are essential. From experience we know that though demanding this is a realistic ask. The Course will be running on Wednesday nights (except in February – see below) and will begin at 7.30 and end around 9.30 each week.

If you are in a housegroup we suggest taking “leave of absence” from the group while the Caleb Course is going on. Stepping back for a season in order to be trained is a wise investment of time. It is not necessary to do any reading or preparation outside of the evenings themselves. The Caleb Course is open to both Adult and Student members of HT.

£66 (£27 for term one and two, £12 for term three)*if cost is an issue, please let us know!

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3 October 2018
7:30pm to 9:30pm
Holy Trinity Church, Market Street, CB2 3NZ