Risky Living

on 23 April 2019 at Holy Trinity Church, Market Street, CB2 3NZ

Risky Living

Risky Living

Tuesdays | Holy Trinity


Risky Living is the HT weekly student night and without a doubt the highlight of the student programme.

Every Tuesday evening we come together to have dinner, make space to worship God and hear a talk before we break into small groups to look at the Bible and pray for one another. It’s loads of fun! If you’re an undergraduate who wants to make new friends and grow in your relationship with God you definitely won’t want to miss out!

This term at Risky Living we’re starting off by looking at the first three chapters of Genesis, before being joined by the rest of the church family for Equipped For Life. We’ll then be finishing the term with two sessions on evangelism.

23 April 2019
7:30pm to 9:30pm
Holy Trinity Church, Market Street, CB2 3NZ