Commitment Sunday

on 10 March 2019 at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge

Commitment Sunday

Commitment Sunday

Sunday 10 March   //  9.30am,  11.30am  and 5.30pm

At the beginning of each year the whole family of HT sets aside a Sunday to renew our commitment to serving Christ and building His Kingdom together. It is a powerful and moving event and at its heart is a desire to remain focussed on Christ and faithful to this mission He has given us. Every member of the Church is invited to prayerfully commit to three things:

1.To follow Jesus Christ faithfully in the coming year. The primary, essential commitment. 

2.To build up the family of HT to transform lives that change the world by helping people “Come to Christ, Learn to Love and Love to Learn”. 

3.To contribute financially to the work of HT.  Pledging a specific amount where possible. 

Mike Pilavachi will be speaking at the morning services.


10 March 2019
9:30am to 8:00pm
Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge