HT and the local community

Helping  at  HT

Helping at HT is a great way to get to know people and be fully involved in Church life. There are hundreds of volunteers at HT who make all the ministries and services possible. 

If you would like to serve please email the office at and the team will look forward to finding the best place for you to serve! 


Welcome Team and Refreshments Team

We are currently looking for more volunteers to serve on the Welcome Team and Refreshments Team on Sundays.

If you are interested in joining the welcome team or the refreshments team please email


Community Involvement

There are dozens of ways to make a difference to the lives of those around us. Volunteering in local projects is a great way of making new friends, creating more fun in your life and demonstrating God’s love to others. Read on here to find out about just a few of the projects HT supports and the ways that you can get involved.