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Paul's Letter to a Resource Church (15th September - )
God's Amazing Invitations (8th September - )
Stand Out People (25th June - 23rd July )

Themes from James (25th June - 23rd July)
Praying Come Holy Spirit (30th April - 18th June)

Praying in the Kingdom (30th April - 18th June)
Heading for the Cross (19th March - 23rd April)

Letter to the Hebrews (12th February - 23rd April)
The Stewardship Challenge (22nd January - 5th February)
Nehemiah (2017) (15th January - 5th March)


Christmas 2016 (27th November - 25th December)
Fulfilled Living in 8 Steps (9th October - 4th December)

All Things New! (2nd October - 20th November)

Running the Race of our Life (25th September - 2nd October)

Keys in the Kingdom (4th September - 25th September)

Habakkuk (4th September - 18th September)
Old Testament Characters (3rd July -17th July)

Experience the Difference (26th June - 17th July)

When God says... (29th May - 19th June)
Promises Concerning Prayer (1st May - 15th May)

Sharing Christ: Steps Towards More Fruitful Evangelism (24th April - 22nd May)
Promises God Repeats (3rd April - 26th June)
Jesus' Last Words (7th February - 20th March)
Journey in John's Gospel (17th January - 17th April)
Secure Foundations for Life (17th January - 31st January)


Christmas 2015 (29th November - 3rd January)
Unexpected Discoveries (4th October - 22nd November)

How can I know? (4th October - 22nd November)

People in Prayer (21st June - 27th September)

The Sermon I'd Most Like To Preach (21st June - 26th July)
Commands of the King (26th April - 14th June)
James (26th April - 14th June)
The power of the cross and resurrection (22nd March - 19th April)
Following Christ in a furnace of affliction (15th February - 19th April)
The Lord's prayer (15th February - 15th March)
The money revolution (25th January - 8th February)


Christmas (7th December - 11th January)
Choice reactions and reactionary choices (12th October - 30th November)
Life to the full (October 5th - 23rd December)
Jonah (7th September - 5th October)
How to keep growing, going and glowing (7th September - 28th September)
Prayer from the Heart (3rd August - 24 August)
Sporting Themes (22nd June - 27th July)
Old Testament Characters (27th April - 20th July)
The Wondrous Cross (23rd March - 27th April)
The Road to the Cross - Luke (9th February - 15th June)
Prayer Pointers (12th January - 26th January)
Ephesians (12th January - 16th March)


Christmas (1st December - 29th December)
Abraham (22nd September - 24th November)
Jesus, the man who... (22nd September - 24th November)
Builders of Distinction (8th September - 15th September)
Strength from the Scriptures (28th July - 1st September)
Winsome People Who Won Some People (30th June - 21st July)
Leading People to Jesus (23rd June - 21st July)
The Spirit Filled Life (12th May - 9th June)
1 Thessalonian (5th May - 23rd June)
The Grace of Giving (7th April - 5th May)
Worship (24th February - 31st March)


Christmas (25th November - 30th December)
Joseph (7th October - 2nd December)
Mark's Gospel (7th October - 2nd December)
The Heart (2nd September - 30th September)
Preparing for New Life (9th September - 30th September)
Olympic Special (29th July - 26th August)
History Shapers (6th May - 17th June)
Ephesians (29th April - 17th June)
The Cross and... (25th March - 15th April)
God's Good Life (15th January - 15th April)
Stories with a Sting - Parables (22nd January - 18th March)


Christmas (27th November - 25th December)
Jesus in John's Gospel (9th October - 27th November)
The Spreading Flame (2nd October - 20th November)
God's Call on our Lives (4th September - 2nd October)
Prayer (26th June - 7th August)
Essential Habits for Spiritual Health (1st May - 26th June)
Leading People to Christ (1st May - 19th June)
Easter (10th April - 24th April)
What Jesus Thinks of His Church (16th January - 20th March)
Questions in Mark (23rd January - 24th April)


Christmas (28th November - 26th December)
Life Giving Decisions (10th October - 12th December)
David (3rd October - 28th November)
Prayers of Life (12th September - 3rd October)
Characters (1st August - 26th September)
The Difference Jesus Makes... (27th June - 25th July)
Hebrews (18th April - 25th July)
The Overcomers (4th April - 18th April)
The Cross (21st March - 11th April)
The Spirit (14th March - 2nd April)
The Son (7th February - 7th March)
The Scriptures (10th January - 31st January)
Nehemiah (10th January - 14th March)


Christmas (13th December - 20th December)
Reviving the Gift of Prayer (4th October - 20th December)
Life Changing Events (4th October - 27th December)
Leaders of Influence (6th September - 27th September)
Making Jesus Known (6th September - 27th September)
James (28th June - 30th August)
Stories of Life (21st June - 30th August)
The Spirit (31st April - 21st June)
What do you say... (3rd May - 14th June)
Money (3rd May - 24th May)
Security (19th April - 26th April)
Making the Cross Count (29th March - 12th April)
Journeying through John (11th January - 12th April)
Ephesians (11th January - 22nd February)


All Things New!


Builders of Distinction


Christmas 2009
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2011
Christmas 2012
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2014
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2016
Choice Reactions and Reactionary Choices
Commands of the King  
The Cross
The Cross And...


The Difference Jesus Makes...


Easter 2011
Ephesians 2009
Ephesians 2012
Ephesians 2014
Essential Habits for Spiritual Health
Experience the Difference


Following Christ in a Furnace of Affliction
Fulfilled Living in 8 Steps


The Grace of Giving
God's Call On Our Lives
God's Good Life


Heading for the Cross
The Heart

History Shapers
How can I know?
How To Be Brilliant With Money
How to Keep Growing, Going and Glowing


Jesus in John's Gospel
Jesus' Last Words
Jesus, The Man Who...

Journey in John's Gospel
Journeying Through John


Keys in the Kingdom


Leaders of Influence
Leading People to Christ
Leading People to Jesus
Letter to the Hebrews
Life Changing Events
Life Giving Decisions
Life to the Full
The Lord's Prayer 


Making Jesus Known
Making the Cross Count
Mark's Gospel
The Money Revolution


Nehemiah (2010)
Nehemiah (2017)


Old Testament Characters (2016)
Old Testament Characters

Olympic Special

The Overcomers


People in Prayer
The Power of the Cross and Resurrection
Prayer from the Heart
Prayers of Life
Prayer Pointers
Praying Come Holy Spirit
Praying in the Kingdom
Preparing for New Life
Promises Concerning Prayer
Promises God Repeats


Questions of Mark


Reviving the Gift of Prayer
The Road to the Cross
Running the Race of our Life


The Scriptures

Secure Foundations for Life
The Sermon I'd Most Like to Preach
Sharing Christ: Steps Towards More Fruitful Evangelism
The Spirit
The Spirit (2010)
The Spirit Filled Life
The Son
Sporting Themes
The Spreading Flame
Stand Out People
The Stewardship Challenge
Stories of Life
Stories with a Sting - Parables
Strength from the Scriptures


Themes from James


Unexpected Discoveries


What do you say when...
What Jesus Thinks Of His Church
When God says...
Winsome People Who Won Some People
The Wondrous Cross

1, 2, 3...

1 Thessalonians